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Visit us for the best pre-owned cars and trucks in southern NH.

For four generations, the Bonneville family has been in the business of buying, selling and servicing quality used cars, trucks and SUV's. When you've been doing business in and around the Manchester, New Hampshire area since 1946, you become part of the community you serve. The people who do business with you become friends, and in some cases family and multiple generations of repeat customers.

With all the options available today from Download to Driveway Delivery, keeping people coming back is our Number #1 priority.

Ed Bonneville has a passion for finding, buying and presenting vehicles to his customers that not only serve the needs of local families and businesses, but also do so, at an honest price, providing an incredible value for each Bonneville customer.

Value means not only providing a fair used vehicle price but also giving you your money's worth. A low price is just the first place to start. Providing value means making sure the mechanical features of each vehicle not only performs as they should but that they continue to perform once you bring the vehicle home.

Low price and easy financing options on all our used car and trucks.

Some customers are looking for both low price and easy financing options with an affordable monthly payment without the hassles of financing paperwork and applying to multiple banks or credit unions.

The financing team at Bonneville and Son review each applicant individually and try hard to match you with the lender that can offer you the best terms, lowest interest rate and most hassle-free experience. We work with dozens of institutions, each with their own criteria and matches you with the lender best suited to give you the optimal buying experience at rates you can afford. Not all customers can qualify for the low, teaser rates offered by some dealers.

At Bonneville and Son, we understand that each individual is different and needs to be treated individually and with the personalized service upon which Bonneville and Son has built its reputation. Come in and take a test drive on your favorite vehicle! Get pre-approved today!

Certified Vehicles

Certified Used Vehicles have become a large part of the sales and service experience at Bonneville and Son. Certified Used Vehicles represent the "Best of the Best" in low mileage, gently used vehicles, most, still covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. These low mileage vehicles give you the closest thing to a new car buying experience, while in some cases saving you thousands of dollars compared to buying brand new....Certified Vehicles

One Owner Vehicles

One owner vehicles are certified, meaning they have only been owned by the original purchaser and in most cases, we can provide you with a complete CarFax Vehicle history report, showing service intervals, service requirements and other historical information on your new vehicle purchase.

Vehicles under 10,000

Sometimes the sweet spot is in finding a quality used vehicle for under $10,000. Good values represent excellent investments. Our Passion at Bonneville and Son is to provide quality vehicles at all price ranges. The condition, as well as the number of miles driven on a daily basis, can mean that a high-quality vehicle, you'll be driving a limited number of miles might be the best choice for you! We will not sell any used car that doesn't meet the standards of Ed Bonneville himself. After all, his family name is on the door!....Vehicles under 10,000